About us...

We are a set of computer scientists, product designers and curious minds that believe there is a better way of finding the right therapist.

We know that taking the first step and reaching out for help is difficult. Searching for therapists should not be another problem for you to deal with.

Our goal is to make the search short and painless, and to match you with therapists based on the things that matter. No more clunky directories.

We strive to create a seamless experience. Here are a few things we think make our approach better:

  • We filter out those you won't click with.
  • We prioritise based on the things that matter, rather than simply location.
  • We enable you to view and message matched therapists all in one place.

We match you based on the answers you give us in the questionnaire. This covers information on your condition, your values, the approach to therapy you'd like your therapist to take, your expectations from therapy, and finally your location.