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Important Message on COVID19- How we support our community

Markos Tsirekas

Markos Tsirekas

Thursday, 26th March 2020

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It’s been a few weeks since we have all been paying close attention to the rapid changes of our new reality.

If anything is clear by now, it is that Covid-19’s (Coronavirus) impact will be severe, holistic and potentially long-lasting.

Beyond the disastrous impact to the physical health of our people, we are already experiencing behaviours of panic and anxiety over the unknown.

Simultaneously, people’s access to mental health is restricted as people are staying in their houses.

Access to mental health support and guidance is ever important and we understand that practitioners will also be under duress given the current restrictions.

We feel it’s our moral obligation to:

a) Assist in reversing the restricted access to therapy

b) Incentivise therapists & clients alike to meet online.

c) Support therapists with their transition to running an online practice.

For that reason we are doubling down on our marketing for online therapy whilst waiving all referral fees till 30/6/2020 to new therapists who want to transfer an existing practice or start a new online focused with us. At the end of this period, we will reassess based on the needs of the community.

We hope that the lack of fees will support therapists and expect that our community of therapists will consequently be able to lower the initial barriers for clients to reach out.

Additionally, to ensure that the transition to online therapy is smooth, our team will be holding 1-on-1 sessions to help therapists set up and have produced a dedicated guide on how to set up your practice online.

Be well,

Markos Tsirekas

Markos Tsirekas

Markos Tsirekas

Founder & CEO, Timewith.

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