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Therapy Marketing Academy

Markos Tsirekas

Markos Tsirekas

Saturday, 4th April 2020

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Marketing strategy for private practice: Set up, traffic generation and getting clients

So you decided to run a private practice. But how do you grow it?

Sometimes it is difficult to where to begin or how to fix what does not work. We started the therapy marketing academy to help every therapist on Timewith and beyond to learn how market their own practices independently.

Our goal is to raise the standards for marketing and business practices amongst practitioners in the industry. We do not intend on turning every therapist into a business or marketing expert - nor do we see this as necessary - but believe there are a set of principles and frameworks that can and should be understood by everyone.

What is the Therapy Marketing Academy?

The Therapy Marketing Academy aims to introduce and explain marketing and business frameworks, tools and strategies to therapists who decide to be solely employed. What you can find here:

  1. A series of detiled articles on how to set up, structure your marketing strategy and and grow your client base.
  2. A dedicated group to discuss specific challenges and hold webinars on marketing and business. Our aim through the group is for each member of the community to learn from each other.
  3. Practice Audits and 1-on-1 support for Timewith members.

What topics are covered?

Getting started

Building a therapy website

  • Why do you need a website?
  • What information you need to include
  • Websites that convert

How to grow you private practice

  • Beginner's Guide - Understand why SEO is relevant, and the basic principles any therapist should understand
  • How to Create a Strategy - Define a keyword strategy, understand how to optimise your set, set up the foundations to track results and iterate going forwards
Strategic thinking on paid advertising
  • Beginners Guide to Paid Advertising - The difference between advertising on Google and Facebook, understanding the importance of Customer Acquisition Cost and Customer Lifetime Value, how to track your conversion rate.
  • Advertising works when your site inspires trust.
  • Create something valuable e.g. a webinar
  • The right way to use ads is to increase your traffic
  • Convert them on a well designed website, then capture their email
  • Keyword selection
  • The AIDA framework and why it matters
  • Conversion
Content Marketing
Facebook Groups
  • How to use Facebook Groups to gain clients
Social media outlets
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
PR - how to get your name out there (aka getting media love)
  • Why building your personal brand is important
  • Going small to go big: why niching down is the way to grow
  • How to create relationships with PR agencies
  • Automate your outreach to PR agencies
  • PR relationship management
  • Getting business contracts
  • CRM for business development
  • Webinars
Email marketing
  • When should you set up a newsletter?
  • How to use your newsletter to convert clients
  • When is running your own podcast a good strategy?
  • Should you appear on podcasts?

Advanced marketing tools & techniques

Understanding different personas, and how to convert
Advanced tools
  • The importance of individual landing pages
  • Building individual Landing pages
  • Google String Search
Attribution and calculating return on investment
  • Tracking Analytics
  • How to judge whether your channels are working for you
  • Are your channels sustainable?
Understanding the dynamics of online marketing
  • If everyone is doing the same thing, the cost rises for all
  • Understanding how to assess any new channel
  • How to create and structure marketing initiatives
  • Increasing your personal income
  • Being resourceful on your marketing

Reaching out to us

Have a suggestion or a topic you want answers to? Join our group, send us an email with a topic you'd like us to write about or book a private practice audit to discuss your own challenges with a member of our team about your practice.

For full details on what we offer to support therapists to grow their private practices, head here.

Markos Tsirekas

Markos Tsirekas

Founder & CEO, Timewith.