Frequently Asked Questions

Joining Timewith

    • I’m interested in joining Timewith. Which accrediting bodies do you accept?

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      In order to join the platform as a therapist, you must be accredited and searchable on the register of one of the following professional bodies: BACP, UKCP, HCPC, BPS, HGI, CNHC, NCS, BABCP, BPC, COSCA and ACC.

    • I’m part of a professional body that isn’t listed above. Does this mean I can’t join?

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      At the moment, we only accept therapists who are part of the BACP, UKCP, HCPC, BPS, HGI, CNHC, NCS, BABCP, BPC, COSCA and ACC. We believe that therapy changes lives, and register status with these professional bodies ensures all our therapists are qualified to a high standard of proficiency, professionalism and ethical practice.

      In very few cases, we do make exceptions - usually for reasons of unique work or academic experience. If you do not comply with our normal requirements but feel you are an exceptional case, then please reach out to us on Or, if you believe there's a body missing that should be included in our eligibility criteria, we’re open to receive suggestions for review.

      Please note: we require all professional bodies to be accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

    • I’ve just passed my proficiency test/received my certificate of registration, but am not yet on the register, can I sign up?

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      Yes, you can still sign up. Simply follow the usual process of signing up and mention to one of our team that you'll be appearing on the register in the coming weeks (you may be asked to provide evidence of registration). As soon as you're visible on the register, we'll be able to activate your profile to get started.

Your Account

    • What should I do if I accidentally entered the wrong email address?

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      No need to worry. Simply let us know by email on and we’ll update your contact details.

    • I can’t get into my account. Who should I contact?

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      If you’ve tried logging in using the wrong password too many times, then you might be locked out of your account. Please contact us on and or via our live chat and we can help you get back into your account.

    • I tried to reset my password but I haven’t received an email. What should I do?

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      Occasionally, emails might fall into your ‘spam’ folder - depending on which email provider you use. Firstly, we suggest having a look there. If you still can’t find the email, please email our support team who will help you get back into your account ASAP:

Using Timewith

    • I’m experiencing a technical error, who should I contact?

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      For any technical queries, you can contact our customer service team using our pop-up chat. Alternatively, you can reach them on:


    • Do you charge a subscription fee?

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      There's no subscription fee to sign up and use the platform. We only charge you the first session. This fee is determined by your own rates as a practitioner (e.g. if you charge £40 per session, we will charge a one-off fee of £40 following the first session of each new client). After the first session, we only charge a small administration fee (calculated according to your rates) to manage subsequent bookings.

    • Why don’t you charge a subscription fee?

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      Subscription fees are a heavy burden to bear when you’re not seeing the return. By charging the first sessions fee, we make sure that you pay only when you receive a successful referral. This helps to ensure you’re never out of pocket, and means you’re only paying for a service that brings you results.

    • Do you charge a referral fee for every session?

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      No. You pay the referral fee only once, after you’ve carried out the first session with a new client.